Hi, I'm Kendra. I'm seventeen and a senior in high school. I would tell you about myself but I have yet to figure out who that person even is.


I had a pretty weekend with a very very sweet guy who got me really cute flowers.
I like Jay lots.

Pumpkin patch with priincessshania and her family today!


I am in love with this


Close your eyes right before it loops


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The first couple of years I was diagnosed with lupus, it was hard for me to accept. I’ve never even heard of lupus. I didn’t know anybody who had it. I was insecure and ashamed of myself. I felt different and that just just something I wasn’t okay with. Over time, I learned to accept it and remain hopeful and optimistic about it. I became more open to discussing it and sharing my story with others. Ever since I’ve become more vocal about having lupus and arthritis, it’s made me realize how I really am not alone. Many people have approached me telling me that they know someone who has the disease as well and that they understand the hardships of it. Idk.. I just feel some sort of comfort hearing that I’m not alienated. I know that there are others with the disease out there but just hearing and knowing that there are people in my life who have dealt with the disease in their own lives is different. I’m happy with how much people have responded to my posts today. It’s awesome and I don’t regret the day that I realized to embrace this part of me and share it with others.


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